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"I tried many choirs before finding Just Sing nearly 2 years ago. I have loved every single session. We do what it says on the tin: 'Just Sing' (along with quite a lot of laughing too). It's uplifting and Kelly and Amy are inspirational." Barbara

Tonight I had a call from my friend .. She rang to thank me for getting her to go to Just Sing choir ... She is loving it ! No surprise there ...  thank you Just Sing xx 🎶🎶🎶

Wednesday nights are the highlight of my week, gives me some "me" time and always makes me smile for the next 6 days at least! I love choir nights so much and you are stuck with me for life! Kelly and the other choir leaders are the best and all the friends I've made there too.


Singing my heart out with the gorgeous friends I have made at Just Sing is one of the highlights of my week  I leave each week with a smile on my face and a spring in my step! Kelly is fantastic. My favourite moment so far has to be headlining (well almost ) on the main stage at the Wimborne Folk Festival this year ... Loved every second.



I love being part of this awesome choir!


Being part of something that makes you smile and being with lovely people. Thank you xx


What keeps me coming back are the fantastic beautiful friends I've made!! (And the singing of course!)xxx


 I love being part of this choir as it's such a fantastic group of people.  Kelly and Amy are amazing and it makes it the only place I really want to be on a Tuesday night :-)


Being part of Just Sing is a joyful thing!


Just Sing is the highlight of my week. We have so much fun together. Our choir leaders are just the best! So full of enthusiasm and creativity. 


'Thank you' is just not enough to say for all your hard work on Sunday. Not only

did I have a great time as always when singing but  have made new friends, ,feel fitter and uplifted and then the amount you have raised for the children supported by Mosaic is amazing.

I am so glad I saw you perform in Wimborne at Folk Festival and joined your choir, you are an inspiration..


I love coming to Just Sing - the laughs we have on a Wednesday, the new friends I've made (and old friends I've reconnected with!), the goosebumps I get when we learn a new song, the excitement of the live performances and the big smile I have when I get home on a Wednesday night!


I feel part of something very special. It has allowed me to express a part of who I am that I think I lost connection with as an adult. The pure and liberating experience of just having fun is so positive and infectious it impacts on other aspects of my life too. I have made some very special friends and have literally laughed and cried with them... I don't know what I would do without my Tuesday night fix! 





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