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Just Sing is the highlight of my week!

I leave each week with a spring in my step!

I get goosebumps  when we learn a new song..

We do what it says on the tin, 'Just Sing' - and have lots of laughs too!

I don't know what I would do without my choir night fix!

Being part of something that makes you smile

Being part of Just Sing is a joyful thing!

I love being part of this awesome choir!


Our Choir is back!

Without COVID Restrictions and rehearsing for performances to come! If you would like to join us just get in touch below 😊

LISTEN TO US SING - and come and join us!


Sing - Just Sing Choir
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Somebody to love - Just Sing Choir
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Do you love to sing?
Would you like the opportunity to meet new people, build your vocal confidence and be a part of a choir community that raises money for local causes?
Then come and join us!
  • First session free!
  • No experience is necessary (no auditions or sheet music!)
  • We sing pop, rock, gospel, musical theatre and song suggestions welcomed from our community!
  • Regular pub outings after choir sessions, a chance to socialise and get to know other choir members
  • We perform to raise money for various local charities at events throughout the South.




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